Who We Are

Invest in yourself

Our main goal is to connect with like-minded people like ourselves who are constantly looking to improve themselves in their lifestyle, their business, their personal life, and their happiness! We want people to grow with and create a legacy. The more that you become successful, the more successful we become in return!

After an interview and a business or financial consultation, we show you how you can achieve fulfillment, and focus on the areas you need to focus on from the Four Pillars of Life that achieves life fulfillment: health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Commonly, the biggest goal for many individuals is success in wealth. We offer multiple streams of income for you, including investing. We also provide financial, sales, and business education through successful, and well-known gurus that we follow. The same method goes for health, love, and happiness.

Grant Cardone Licensee


One of our main Gurus and Mentor that we follow is Grant Cardone. He is an expert in business, sales, financials, and he Dominates our wealth pillar!

When we first got started, we partnered with Grant Cardone through his Licensee program, so we are licensed to use most of his content and products! Join the 10X movement with us! If you are interested in working for, and learning from the best, here is the opportunity to do so; with us!


“Real Estate Investing Association great place to network” - Roger Do

“Very welcoming group who have common goals for networking, learning from others and fulfilling their "Why" in life.” - Chris Harper

“Amazing group Of people and the Best Networking Event in Houston!” - Joshua Paul Ho Nguyen


Q: Who are you guys again?

A: Asian American Investing Club is an Investing Group that focuses on promoting life fulfillment, and financial freedom. We seek to grow together as individuals, and as a team in health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Q: How do you grow in health, wealth, love, and happiness?

A: We follow a select few, top gurus who specialize in those specific areas, and invest in their teachings. We offer business, sales, and financial coaching. We host workshops, and partner with successful people and businesses in educating our members. We also options to multiple streams of income for people who are looking for more ways to make money.

Q: I’m not Asian, but I’d like to check out what you guys are all about.

A: Our club is open to everyone! All races, genders, occupation, status, etc. Anyone can become a member! If you’re also interested in joining us for an office position or as a preferred partner or sponsor, please feel free to contact us via email at: Info@AsianAmericanInvestingClub.com