Meet the Team


Simon Vo

Simon Vo is an infopreneur who specializes in business planning and consulting for entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives. He has a passion for continuing education, and believes in AAIC's mission in helping people achieve their full potential in life.


Mike Nguyen

A sales and networking expert, Mike Nguyen strives to represent AAIC with a professionalism, and holds the values of the four pillars of life to its highest. Leading by example, he aims to bring the club, and its members to new heights and success.


Taro Wichman

As Chief of Operations,  Taro Wichman oversees the day to day operations of the club, and works diligently to assure that AAIC runs smoothly. With a background in healthcare, his compassionate personality radiates through his exemplary service towards others.


Justianna Thai

With a background in business, and specialty in finance, Justianna Thai is passionate about helping people towards success through education, and connections. She is an expert in marketing, and advertising. She is eager to see AAIC's visions come to fruition.


Danny Tran

Danny Tran is a specialist in technology and sales. He loves innovation, and believes in AAIC's model in self-fulfillment through education and connections. He strives for success, and perseveres towards the brighter future.


Jeff Blake

Jeff Blake is a former NFL Quarterback. He coaches young athletes training to become a professional athlete in the future. He believes in the four pillars of life that complete for life fulfillment. As Lead Ambassador, he proudly stands tall as a true believer in self-growth, and financial freedom.